Sandwiches in Review: Steak n Shake’s Latest Offerings

June 16, 2009

Time for a review!!  Steak n Shake is generally a safe bet for sandwiches, with a menu of upscale burgers, club sandwiches and the like.  Their claims to fame are their Steakburgers, high grade hamburgers claimed to be made from “the finest of steaks”, and their milkshakes, which are available in myriad flavors and styles.  They’re currently offering two new Steakburgers, the Western BBQ and Bacon Steakburger and the Wisconsin Buttery Steakburger.  Let’s see how they stack up.

The Western BBQ and Bacon Steakburger follows a couple current trends.  It’s has bacon and barbeque sauce, of course, but it also has the obligatory crispy fried onion bits all new burgers seem to have.  It has chopped onions as well, but they actually complement the sandwich pretty nicely.  The barbeque sauce is slightly sweet, and the sandwich overall has a distinctive flavor.  If I’m not mistaken, the barbeque sauce is also available on a smaller BBQ Shooter Steakburger, but I would recommend springing for the featured sandwich.

The other new burger, the Wisconsin Buttery Steakburger, is less exciting.  The gimmick of this sandwich is the copious amounts of butter it’s cooked in, which is none-too-subtly explained in the description (it uses the words “layered” and “slathered”).  The idea of cooking a burger in butter is not new; the Culver’s franchise is centered around their “butter burgers”.  Aside from the patties, which are slightly sweet from the butter, there isn’t much else here, just cheese and some chopped onions.  A sauce or an additional vegetable would’ve been nice to help fill out the burger.

So there you have it.  Two new burgers, both available with fries for under $5 apiece.  The Western BBQ and Bacon is certainly worth trying, while the Wisconsin Buttery is less impressive.  If you’re really into butter, head to Culver’s instead.


5 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Steak n Shake’s Latest Offerings”

  1. […] sauce was probably the best part, better than that on the stackticon but below that of the western bbq n bacon.  Overall, a substandard meal.  But were not done yet… Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, […]

  2. RonDiaz Says:

    Actually Culvers “Butter Burgers” are named so because the buns are rimmed in butter, the burgers are not and have never been cooked in butter.

  3. […] 22, 2010 The first review I ever posted on this site was one regarding two new Steak and Shake steakburgers, which were sort […]

  4. […] 12, 2011 Steak n Shake has long been a favorite of mine, and one of my earliest posts was a review of a couple of their Steakburgers.  I like to check in every couple of months to see […]

  5. […] leaving the flavor of the jalapenos and salsa intact. The burger has a full flavor on par with the Western BBQ and Bacon (Steak ‘n Shake’s masterpiece). I was actually a little bit sad when I finished it. […]

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