What is a Sandwich?

June 16, 2009

While I’m getting started, I figured I should post the definition of a sandwich, at least in the terms this blog will use.  Obviously, my definition of a sandwich won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s, nor will it be set in stone.  The is a framework to help guide the beginning of the blog.

A sandwich, generally speaking, is a food item made from two pieces of bread placed together with some contents in between.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a hamburger, and a hoagie are all sandwiches by this definition.  Open-faced sandwiches, such as a hot turkey sandwich or Welsh rarebit, do not generally fit this definition, but will still be allowed.  Ice cream sandwiches, consisting of two cookies and ice cream, are not sandwiches by this definition either, but will be included anyway because they are delicious.

The jury is still out regarding wrap sandwiches, sandwiches consisting of one slice of bread (generally a tortilla) wrapped around the contents.  For the moment, I’m inclined to exclude them for two reasons.  One is a slippery slope.  A tuna salad wrap may be a sandwich, but a breakfast crepe and a burrito are similar in composition and differ mainly in ingredients.  I want a relatively clear line of what is and isn’t a sandwich.  The other is in terms of scope.  There are plenty of sandwiches for me to work through before we start on wraps (or gyros, or calzones, or anything else).

Sorry if that got a little wordy.  Of course, I welcome your comments.  If everyone feels I should include wraps or pitas or anything else right away, I’m more than willing to do so (Within reason.  Breakfast cereal is never a sandwich.).  I hope this helps for future sandwich endeavours.


One Response to “What is a Sandwich?”

  1. […] I’m gonna be totally upfront about this, this post is kind of stretching the definition of a sandwich, even beyond the idea of wraps or flatbreads.  If you’re a sandwich purist […]

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