On Hot Dogs

June 18, 2009

This question arose from a discussion with a friend today, and it’s sort of a follow-up to the definition post.  Should hot dogs be considered sandwiches for the purposes of this blog?  I was arguing that hot dogs fulfill most of the conventions established for sandwiches, they have bread, meat and variable other contents.  The bun isn’t completely separated, but it is distinctly in two halves.  I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks.  Please vote, and feel free to post your opinion and arguments supporting it in the comments section, so we can put this thing to bed.


3 Responses to “On Hot Dogs”

  1. Mike Says:

    I voted ‘no’, if only for the reason that I’ve never considered it a sandwich, it’s a hot dog. It’s kind of it’s own category along with bratwurst and other grilled sausage that gets put on hotdog buns. But if you say a reason for it not being one, is that the bread is not fully apart, does this make things like Subway subs not sandwiches because they are not fully separated but I would clearly label them as sandwiches.

    • sandwichtalk Says:

      I would definitely consider Subway sandwiches to be sandwiches, regardless of whether or not the bun is entirely separated. I don’t really consider hot dogs sandwiches either, I just find some of the distinctions and reasons behind them to be kind of odd. I don’t think I’ll be reviewing hot dogs in this blog very often, although I am interested in trying something from Le Dog or other high-end hot dog stands.

  2. […] had this discussion before, and the general consensus was that hot dogs should not be considered sandwiches.  However, I do […]

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