Sandwich Preview: BBQ Double Stackticon

June 22, 2009

In addition to sandwiches, I have many other passions.  One of the most prominent is Transformers, the toyline consisting of robots which transform into cars and other vehicles.  Well, leave it to Burger King to bring these two together with the BBQ Double Stackticon, a burger tie-in to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the feature film coming to theaters later this week.

Delicious hamburgers are the right of all sentient beings.

Delicious hamburgers are the right of all sentient beings.

Now, I haven’t tried the Stackticon yet.  However, the press release describes it as including cheese, bacon, two patties, and BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s, no less).  It also explains that customers can add additional patties, similar to how some Transformers possess the ability to combine.  If this description sounds familiar, it’s because it’s almost exactly the same as the BK Stacker, a sandwich which was offered about a year ago but which I believe is no longer available.  Although this may seem to lack in imagination, it’s actually a verygood thing, trust me.  The BK Stacker was my favorite Burger King sandwich when it was offered, and I was disappointed when it was discontinued.  It’s deceptively simple, but full of flavor.  It’s not an overpowering amount of food, but certainly enough to fill you up, and additional patties can be added if you’re famished.  I hope to try this burger by week’s end, and I’ll let you know if I’m way off, but I get the feeling they’re trying to push a relatively unsuccessful burger with a (somewhat forced) marketing gimmick.  Bottom line, this sandwich is probably delicious, you should grab it while you can, before it disappears until being re-branded next summer.

P.S.  Sorry for the lack of new content over the weekend, I was out of town.  I haven’t decided on an update schedule yet, but I want to do it quite often, at least three times a week.


3 Responses to “Sandwich Preview: BBQ Double Stackticon”

  1. Keith S Says:

    FYI The BK Stacker was not discontinued. I’m not sure where you live but in northeast PA you can go to any BK in this state and get a Stacker. The Stacker is also my favorite sandwich and I visit my local BK on a fairly frequent basic to get a Stacker meal.

  2. […] 2, 2009 A while back I talked about the BBQ Double Stackticon, Burger King’s tie-in burger to the Transformers […]

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