Sandwiches in Review: Jimmy John’s Ultimate Porker

June 24, 2009

Time for another review!!  The initial reviews/previews on this blog have been somewhat burger-oriented, so I’ll change it up with a sandwich from Jimmy John’s.  Jimmy John’s is a chain of sandwich shops specializing in sub sandwiches on fresh-baked bread.  They offer a couple dozen different sandwiches, which generally sell for about $5.  I enjoy many of their offerings, but for this review I decided on the Ultimate Porker (sandwich #17, $5.25).

It may be many things, but I doubt "kosher" is one of them...

It may be many things, but I doubt "kosher" is one of them...

The Porker consists of ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, on Jimmy John’s signature bread.  It’s not the most complicated or inventive sandwich on earth, or even on the menu for that matter (#13, the Beach Club, includes items like sliced cucumber, avocado spread, and alfalfa sprouts), but it’s a study, reliable combination.  The meat is high quality, the veggies were comparatively fresh, and the mayo wasn’t overpowering, a common problem with sandwiches that use it.  Overall, it was a tasty, filling sandwich.  My only problem with it is the problem I have with Jimmy John’s sandwiches in general: they are served cold, rather than toasted.  While they taste fine, the fact that they are served cold, combined with the often simple ingredients, sometimes makes it hard to justify spending the money on a sandwich that could be made at home with relative ease.  However, the bread goes a long way towards making it worth your while, and the chain can’t really be faulted for picking a niche and sticking to it. 

As always, feel free to comment with questions, comments, suggestions, and pretty much anything else.


4 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Jimmy John’s Ultimate Porker”

  1. Mfrye Says:

    I’ve felt the same way about Subway and JJ’s before: have a sandwich that is simply cold cuts doesn’t justify spending money. I can make that at home for much less money and still have an enjoyable sandwich. What makes places like Subway and Quizno’s worth the trip is the fact that they do something that would otherwise be more difficult and time consuming to produce yourself at home. Great review though, kind of made me want a JJ sub 🙂

  2. creeper Says:

    the #12 at jimmy’s in the beach club. the #13 is the gourmet veggie club.

    i worked there for like 2 years… that’s how i know this.

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  4. […] know if I would’ve ordered it if it weren’t on sale (I usually upgrade to the Ultimate Porker), but as store-bought B.L.T.s go, it was pretty […]

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