Sandwich Dossier: Peanut Butter Sandwiches

July 1, 2009

When I started Sandwichtalk, I had a couple different kinds of entries in mind.  Obviously, I would be reviewing sandwiches from restaurants and fast food chains.  I also planned on sharing various links, videos, and other sandwich-related content that I came across.  The third type of entry I envisioned is the Sandwich Dossier.  The Sandwich Dossier is kind of like a report on different kinds of sandwiches.  It’s not unlike a review, but rather than a specific sandwich offered by a specific restaurant, I’ll be discussing a general type of sandwich.  I hope to broaden everyone’s knowledge of the world of sandwiches, and hopefully include some recipes as well.  I think this will make a lot more sense once I shut up and actually write the damn thing, so here goes.

This was the first image I could find, Im not partial to any particular brand.

This was the first image I could find, I'm not partial to any particular brand.

Peanut Butter is an extremely important resource when creating sandwiches.  It goes well with many other ingredients, providing sweetness or salt depending on the context.  Let’s begin with the Fluffernutter.  A Fluffernutter is a sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow creme.  It is delicious, and especially popular in New England, going as far as to have been nominated as the official state sandwich of Massachusetts.  I would definitely recommend the Fluffernutter as a more dessert-type sandwich, but it also works as a midday snack.

The next noteworthy peanut butter sandwich is the Elvis.  Named for Elvis Presley, the Elvis is prepared in a couple different ways.  The constants are the inclusion of peanut butter, and pan-frying the sandwich.  The Elvis also generally includes bananas and/or bacon.  I personally have only ever had fried peanut butter and banana, so that’s what I’ll be discussing here.  Although the Elvis may sound strange, it is quite tasty.  The fact that it’s fried makes it seem much more like some kind of pastry than a conventional sandwich.  I would recommend this sandwich for breakfast.  It has a hardiness which would be a good way to begin one’s day.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  PB & J is, as the name states, peanut butter and some kind of fruit spread, like a jelly or jam.  The beauty of this sandwich is that while it’s simple, there are myriad variations you can put on the different elements, such as using crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter, or using different jellies, jams, or preserves.  The PB & J is a classic standby, tasty, portable, and appropriate for any meal.


2 Responses to “Sandwich Dossier: Peanut Butter Sandwiches”

  1. Mara Says:

    PB&B can even be served unfried. Great source of protein, potassium and awesome. Definitely should be a food group of its own.

  2. thoughtleaf Says:

    Hey I had an unfried pb & banana yesterday for lunch. 🙂 In addition, my family has it’s own peanut butter sandwich that you may or may not be interested in. It sounds REALLY gross, but you have to try it to understand. (And several people I know still don’t, but we love it!) You know the breakfast sausage you buy in short links from stores like Aldi? We make peanut butter toast and sandwich the sausages in it. It makes a really filling breakfast!

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