Sandwiches in Review: Subway’s Tuscan Chicken Melt

July 21, 2009

I’ve wanted to review a Subway sandwich for quite some time now, and I finally got my chance.  In case youdon’t own a television or have never been to a mall, Subway is (in America, at least) the most widely known sub sandwich franchise in the business.  They are quite popular on college campuses and the like because their sandwiches are comparatively healthy, and they are currently destroying the competition with their $5 footlong sub deal.  This deal is apparently so popular that chains as varied as KFC and Ceci’s Pizza feel the need to run ads slamming it.  In summation, Subway came, it saw, and it conquered the sandwich industry a while back and is still going pretty strong.

Personally, I’ve always had one major point of contention with Subway, which I call the “Subway Dilemma.”  When you order a sandwich from Jimmy John’s or Quiznos or pretty much anywhere else, it has a defined recipe.  You can add or subtract items until it’s barely recognizable, but if you ask for an Italian sub, they have a plan for making you an Italian sub.  At Subway, they have a number of different sandwiches, but these are really only defined by the type of meat on them.  You still need to choose between a half dozen types of bread, several cheeses, an assortment of vegetables, and a number of dressings, with generally no defaults.  The website has a list of standard “sandwich components,” but I’ve never seen this list in any restaurant location, nor would I expect the staff to be aware of it.  The Subway Dilemma causes you to put so much effort into deciding what goes into your sandwich, you may as well make it yourself at home.

Anyway, enough about that.  I’m now going to review the new Tuscan Chicken Melt, a Premium Sub currently being offered at Subway.  I would’ve liked to have a picture of the sandwich, and my sandwich artist (who I knew from high school) let me take a work-in-progress picture, but when the manager informed me that there were potential legal ramifications of me uploading the pic, I chickened out.

Instead, enjoy this cute picture of a puppy!!

Instead, enjoy this cute picture of a puppy!!

The Tuscan Chicken Melt was quite delicious.  I ordered it on Italian bread, with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and an olive oil vinagrette type dressing.  I deciphered most of this from the picture of the sub on the ad.  The chicken was seasoned with peppers presumably indigenous to Tuscany, and the sandwich, although, simple, was enjoyable.  The only problem is that as a Premium Sub, it costs $6 for a footlong as opposed to $5, not including a side or drink.  Overall, this seems a little expensive for my tastes, although it is much healthier than a comparable meal at a regular fast food restaurant.  I recommend Subway to anyone health-minded who has a vision for their sandwich before walking in the door.


2 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Subway’s Tuscan Chicken Melt”

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