Sandwiches in Review: Marco’s Chicken Club Sub

September 3, 2009

Marco’s Pizza is a Midwestern pizzeria franchise, with (generally) well-priced pizzas, subs, and the usual sides (chicken wings, cheesybread, etc.).  Their subs are delicious, filled with high-quality ingredients on fresh baked bread.  It’s difficult to choose just one, but I’ll go with my favorite (at the moment), the Chicken Club.

Marco's Chicken Club, the sub most others aspire to be.

Marco's Chicken Club, the sub most others aspire to be.

Marco’s Chicken Club consists of chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and mayo on a sub roll.  The chicken and bacon are generously portioned and savory.  The tomatoes, while occasionally too dried out, add a lot to the overall flavor of the sandwich.  The beauty of this sub is in its simplicity.  While it may not boast as many ingredients as the latest Subway sandwich, Marco’s has hit a balance which is truly perfect.  This and other Marco’s subs usually run for around $5-6, a great value for a great sandwich.  I know this has been a comparatively short review, but there’s not much to say besides the fact that this is one of the best sandwiches on the market right now.


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