Sandwiches in Review: Oscar-Meyer’s Deli Sensations

September 22, 2009

I was in Kroger the other day when I stumbled across a brand new sandwich opportunity.  In the deli meat section, I discovered Oscar-Meyer’s Deli Sensations.  The Deli Sensations are boxed sandwich kits which include the ingredients to make one complete hot sandwich.  They were available in a variety of sandwich styles and flavors for about $3.50 per box, or two for $5.00 (with a Kroger Plus card).  I selected two, so I could get a better picture of how these sandwiches stacked up.

The first sandwich, unopened.

The first sandwich, unopened.

I began with a focaccia sandwich, the Steakhouse Beef and Pepper Jack.  The box contained a sandwich bun and bags of chopped beef, shredded pepper jack cheese, and a Three Pepper Ranch sauce.  I was slightly disappointed with how small the sandwich was going to be, although the ingredients looked tasty.  Preparing the sandwich consisted of opening the bags and emptying the contents onto the buns.  Quick and painless.  After putting the sandwich together, I microwaved it for 40 seconds on high.  As a side note, I was using a friend’s microwave which for some reason played Auld Lang Syne to announce it was finished.  Make of that what you will.  I then let the sandwich cool for 30 seconds before eating.

Bigger than a slider, but smaller than I'd hoped...

Bigger than a slider, but smaller than I'd hoped...

The sandwich was actually very good.  The steak (which was precooked) had a definite steakhouse flavor with being overcome with an A1-ishness.  The pepper jack was flavorful, although not entirely melted in the center of the sandwich.  The Three Pepper Ranch was not a spicy as I had expected, and was a great complement to the Italian Herb focaccia.  The sandwich was tasty but not hugely filling.  It couldn’t be a meal by itself, although it was large enough to get a good feel for its taste.  Fortunately, I had purchased not one, but two Deli Sensations!!

Kind of like a classy Lunchable.

Kind of like a classy Lunchable.

The second Deli Sensation was the Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread.  Astute observers may point this out as a violation of an earlier policy regarding the definition of a sandwich, and to you I say it’s my blog and I’ll eat what I want.  The Chicken Bacon Ranch consisted of a thick flatbread tortilla-type thing, chopped chicken, cheddar cheese, and a Bacon Ranch sauce.  That was kind of a blow to me, I hadn’t expected full strips of bacon, but even a packet of bacon crumbles would been better than it supposedly mixed into the sauce.  Nevertheless, I assembled the sandwich and popped it in the microwave.  50 seconds and one rendition of Auld Lang Syne later, I removed the flatbread and prepared to eat.

You have NO IDEA how difficult this was to pose.

You have NO IDEA how difficult this was to pose.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch was pretty good too.  The chicken was delicious, and the cheese was thoroughly melted, which probably had as much to do with my adding an extra ten seconds to cooking time as anything else.  The Bacon Ranch sauce was fine, but I still would’ve preferred an attempt at real bacon, no matter how poorly executed.  The sandwich was a little bit tougher to eat, I ended up having to eat it from both sides.  The box showed a kind of sleeve for holding while eating, but I couldn’t find anything like that inside.  All in all, Oscar-Meyer’s Deli Sensations are an interesting snack.  They’re a little bit overpriced and somewhat undersized to be worthwhile on a regular basis, but I’d definitely recommend them as a quick, easy way to break out of a boring routine.

A Note on My Updating Schedule (or lack thereof)

I haven’t been updating Sandwichtalk as regularly as I’d like, and I apologize for that.  I recently went back to school, and I have obligations (classes, homework, etc.) more pressing than my blog about sandwiches.  I have another two reviews planned out which I hope to have up by this time next week.  I’ll try to update with at least some kind of new content once a week, but please bear with me if I need to take a break every now and then.  Thanks.


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