This was an interesting sandwich for me.  My excitement over a new philly cheesesteak to try was tempered with my previous issues with Subway.  Nevertheless, I hadn’t had a sandwich to review in a while, so I figured it would be a good choice.

Someone may have gotten a little photoshop-happy...

Someone may have gotten a little photoshop-happy...

The main problem with this sandwich is that Subway is rather ill-equipped to make a philly cheesesteak.  Their steak is fine, and they have a couple cheeses to choose from, but they don’t have sauteed onions or mushrooms.  I’m trying to limit my bias as much as possible, but I just find it kind of odd that Subway, a chain which prides itself on variety and options, doesn’t have pretty standard ingredients available.  I ordered mine with mayonnaise, mostly to add a little more flavor.

The cheesesteak tasted alright, it was just somewhat bland and not very authentic.  It also cost upwards of $6 for the sandwich alone, which is a little bit more than I’d like to spend on a disappointing sandwich.  Quiznos has a new Philly Cheesesteak out, which I haven’t tried (rest assured, I will) but it seems like a better bet.  You’re free to disagree though.

After all, Olympic medalist Michael Phelps seems to enjoy Subway quite a bit.

In my perusal of sandwich related news on the internet, I stumbled across this story about the Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppe franchise, or lack thereof.  Basically, it looks like a couple business types with the rights to the “Blondie” comic strip decided to create a sandwich franchise inspired by the character Dagwood, whose appetite for sandwiches is well-documented.  Unfortunately, rather than developing a profitable business model, it looks like they just came up with some basic ideas, slapped together a prototype, and then started charging people for franchising rights.  Developers are filing lawsuits alleging fraud, conspiracy, and other shady goings-on.  I personally am saddened by this hoax.  I was hoping this signaled a new era of comic-based sandwiches.

Then again, maybe this isnt such a good idea...

Then again, maybe this isn't such a good idea...

I realized I do a lot of talking about sandwiches on here, but I don’t really know what kinds of sandwiches you all care about.  I’m posting a poll here to correct this issue.  If you guys could take the poll, that would be great.  Fell free to elaborate, make requests, or just give general feedback in the comments section.  Thanks!!

—The Management

Domino’s Pizza, a locally based pizza franchise,  recently expanded their menu to include pasta and sandwiches, and while I can’t speak to the pasta, sandwiches are right up my alley.  The initial sandwich offerings were somewhat pedestrian, with choices similar to Marco’s or other pizza crossovers.  While I’m sure they were good, they didn’t pique my curiosity at all.  However, their new line of sandwiches looks far more innovative.  Have a look:



As you can see, these sandwiches are a far cry from the usual “ham and cheese, italian, etc.” of many sandwich shops.  I decided to try the Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese.  The sandwiches are slightly smaller than you might expect; they’re certainly sandwiches as opposed to subs.  The chicken was flavorful and generous.  The blue cheese sauce was paired well with onions, a combination which really helped define the sandwich.  My one complaint was the inclusion of a hot sauce in the same vein of Frank’s Red Hot.  I personally dislike this type of sauce (particularly after a certain chili-eating contest in my past) because of its high vinegar content.  The sauce kept the sandwich from being truly great, but at $4.99, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I was holding off on posting this review because I also wanted to try the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich.  I realized I haven’t really posted a whole lot of vegetarian-friendly content here yet, and I thought that that particular sandwich looked delicious.  I wanted to get another post up here as soon as I could, but I hope to come back and either amend this review or post a follow up about the Mediterranean Veggie soon.