Sandwiches in the News: Dagwood’s goes bust

October 23, 2009

In my perusal of sandwich related news on the internet, I stumbled across this story about the Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppe franchise, or lack thereof.  Basically, it looks like a couple business types with the rights to the “Blondie” comic strip decided to create a sandwich franchise inspired by the character Dagwood, whose appetite for sandwiches is well-documented.  Unfortunately, rather than developing a profitable business model, it looks like they just came up with some basic ideas, slapped together a prototype, and then started charging people for franchising rights.  Developers are filing lawsuits alleging fraud, conspiracy, and other shady goings-on.  I personally am saddened by this hoax.  I was hoping this signaled a new era of comic-based sandwiches.

Then again, maybe this isnt such a good idea...

Then again, maybe this isn't such a good idea...


One Response to “Sandwiches in the News: Dagwood’s goes bust”

  1. Mara Says:

    I was thinking about this the other day, and I think sanwiches are the preferrred food of all those sciency-mathy-otherwise nerdy folk. Just think of it:

    *Star Trek-“Are there sandwiches in the future”
    *I know there was another awesome nerd-sandwich moment, but I don’t remember it.

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