Sandwiches in Review: Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine

December 30, 2009

Time for another store-bought review!!  Lean Cuisine is a prepared meal brand which specializes in low calorie meals.  They have a number of different kinds of meals, including personal pizzas and pasta dishes.  Most importantly, however, they have a line of paninis and flatbread sandwiches.

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There are a number of different choices in the Lean Cuisine sandwich line.  Most of them involve chicken, a few involve steak, a I didn’t see any vegetarian options.  After taking some opinions, I decided to go with the Pesto Chicken flatbread.  It was on sale for about $2.50 (at Target, by the by), so it seemed like a good enough choice.  Cooking the sandwich was simple enough, it was packaged in the box ready-to-go, and I simply needed to microwave it for a couple minutes, let it dit for a bit, and then fold it over.

So easy, a caveman could do it!! If a caveman had a microwave...

The sandwich itself was actually a little disappointing.  The chicken was fine, but the vegetable choices (sun-dried tomatoes and red peppers) felt uninspired and redundant.  The mozzarella cheese didn’t detract from the sandwich any, but neither did it really help, and the pesto sauce was bland.  Granted, I prefer pesto closer to how my father prepares it (read: with a ton of garlic), but there wasn’t anything to this sandwich to make it memorable.  I wouldn’t throw this sandwich away, but I wouldn’t buy it again either.

Overall, I’d give the Pesto Chicken flatbread a B- or so.  I didn’t care for it, but the concept of microwavable flatbreads (and paninis) is sound, and some of the other options like Steak, Cheddar, and Mushroom or Southwest Chicken sound like they’re more suited to my tastes anyway.  As for price, the sandwiches aren’t too expensive, but they’re not very filling either.  They’re more of a snack, or to be eaten with a nice bag of chips or a pickle.


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