Sandwiches in Review: Wendy’s Bacon and Blue

February 21, 2010

Wendy’s is an international fast food franchise, serving usual fast food fare, as well as other unique menu items like chili and their Frosty desserts.  Wendy’s prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients in all of its meals; as such, Wendy’s generally runs a bit more expensive than other fast food chains.  Wendy’s also offers a sandwich called the Baconator, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds.  Today, however, we’ll be discussing Wendy’s new premium sandwich, the Bacon and Blue.

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The Bacon and Blue comes on the tail end of last year’s bacon fad, in which lots of new sandwiches were centered around or featured bacon.  In addition, they also  name drop Applewood Bacon, a specific brand often featured in these sandwiches.  The Bacon and Blue balances a couple interesting flavors.  In addition to the bacon, it features Bleu cheese crumbles.  They add bite without being overpowering the way a bleu cheese dressing or spread might be.  The trade-off is that they have a tendency to fall off the burger, making it a bit unwieldy.  The Bacon and Blue also includes sautéed onions, which are always a welcome addition for me.  There is a spread which I think is more than just mayo, but I’ve had a hard time confirming, as well as the usual lettuce and tomato.  Overall, all of the ingredients come together really well for an interesting, full flavor.

The Bacon and Blue is a Premium burger, and as such is $4.29 for a meal.  I think this is a bit expensive, but at the same time the burger is an interesting combination not available elsewhere, and only at Wendy’s for a limited time.  I would definitely recommend giving this sandwich a try at least once.


One Response to “Sandwiches in Review: Wendy’s Bacon and Blue”

  1. […] thick and crispy, and really made the burger.  The Bleu cheese wasn’t as prominent as in some other burgers, but it was a nice touch.  Next time I might add some grilled onions or mushrooms, but all in all […]

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