Sandwiches in Review: Subway Seafood Sensation

February 25, 2010

This next review is an interesting one.  Subway offers a sandwich called the Seafood Sensation, consisting of a blend of crab meat and Alaskan Pollack.  Researching the sandwich, however, was no mean feat.  The Seafood Sensation is not listed anywhere on Subway’s official website.  As far as I know, all other sandwiches are on there, including “sub of the week” types.  I was finally able to scrape together some information (including the ingredients) from a couple of international and franchise Subway sites.  On a number of these, the Seafood Sensation is referred to as a “regional or limited offer product.”  Since I don’t frequent Subway all too often, I have no idea if this is a limited time offer, if the location I visited is unique in offering it, or what.


I hope the Seafood Sensation isn’t a limited time offer, because it’s one of the best subs I’ve ever had from Subway.  I think a lot of why it worked was in what I included.  The promotional picture shows all kinds of veggies.  I would caution against this.  When I was ordering the sandwich, I wanted the seafood blend to speak for itself.  I included lettuce and mayo, but I didn’t add tomatoes, peppers or anything else, and I stand by that decision.  I would also advise against ordering cheese on it, since cheese generally has an even stronger flavor than most veggies.  The sandwich was delicious.  The seafood blend was flavorful, and included a lot of genuine crab meat.  The other ingredients added to the overall taste but didn’t overpower the meat.  The sub was a foot-long, and cost under $5.00.  I don’t know if this is the usual price, or even if this sub is generally available, but if it is in your area, I would highly recommend picking one up.

EDIT:  I’ve gotten conflicting reports/anecdotes on whether or not the seafood blend in the sub contains real crab or not.  My advice is that if you’re allergic to shellfish, don’t risk this sandwich.  Sandwichtalk assumes no responsiblity for allergic reactions caused by the Subway Seafood Sensation.


42 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Subway Seafood Sensation”

  1. Ali P. Says:

    I’ve had the seafood sub in at least 4 different states….it was my fave for years! I like it with lots of veggies AND olives AND cheese…with cheese bread, too! Haha but that’s just me.

  2. Joe Says:

    Ermmm… its made with imitation crab meat, also known as Krab.

    • sandwichtalk Says:

      Do you have a source on that? The local franchise website I checked says it’s a blend of pollack and genuine crab. I honestly have no idea, and real crab seems like it’d be cost-prohibitive, but there’s no definitive answer on Subway’s website.

      • ryonyanko Says:

        actually I can say that I am allergic to shellfish and i thought this was just KRAB (i’m not allergic to that) but after eating it i had gotten sick as if i did eat shellfish. so this DOES include real shellfish

  3. mbt shoes Says:

    I am the first time on this site and am really enthusiastic about and so many good articles. I think it’s just very good.

  4. Food Guru Says:

    Nonononononononono! You think that’s genuine crabmeat? That is 100 percent surimi. Imitation crab meat. Basically pollock paste with flavorings and binders. Sometimes crab extractives. It is then shaped, colored cooked. Though tasty, imitation crab meat has a TOTALLY different flavor and mouth feel. I personally prefer the imitation over the real stuff for this type of sandwich.

    The Subway Seafood salad blend is really easy to make. Only three ingredients. When Subway discontinued their Seafood and Crab sub, I used to make my own seafood mix, then go down to subway, purchasing a veggie sub with everything I wanted on my seafood and crab sub, come home and place the home-made seafood mix on the sub. A bit pricey to do it this way but tough times call for tough measures. I was always a seafood and crab sub junkie. LOL!

  5. […] the Subway on campus doesn’t actually offer breakfast sandwiches (although they do offer the Seafood Sensation).  However, I was able to track down a Subway at around 10:00 this morning, so I tried the Double […]

  6. You you should edit the post subject Sandwiches in Review: Subway Seafood Sensation Sandwichtalk to something more specific for your webpage you create. I enjoyed the post all the same.

  7. Carolyn Says:

    I used to work at Subway and as far as I can recall there was not actually any true crab in this sandwich. It was actually all imitation crab consisting of pollack, starches and other white fish. Still good though 🙂 It’s a shame that it’s been discontinued at my local restaurant.

  8. Sam Says:

    As others have stated, it’s not real crab meat. There’s no way that a foot-long sub with real crab meat would cost around $5. It’s imitation crab and filler. A real crab sandwich would cost near $15.

  9. RotJ Says:

    The ingredients list is at

    It contains less than 2% “Snow crabmeat”, so a franchise could claim it contains genuine crab without being technically wrong.

    SEAFOOD SENSATION SEAFOOD SENSATION Alaskan Pollock, water, Pacific Whiting, cornstarch,
    potato starch, wheat starch, sugar, sorbitol, contains 2% or less of the following: Snow crabmeat,
    natural and artificial flavors, refined fish oil, egg whites, carrageenan, spices (allspice, bay, black
    pepper, cardamon, cassia, celery, clove, ginger, mace, nutmeg, red pepper), salt, modified potato
    starch, calcium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, tetrasodium phosphate, citric acid, color (titanium
    dioxide, carmine, paprika oleoresin and caramel Color). Subway® regular mayonnaise. Contains egg,
    fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat.

  10. Vincenzo Says:

    “spices (allspice, bay, black
    pepper, cardamon, cassia, celery, clove, ginger, mace, nutmeg, red pepper)”

    Hey, it’s got Old Bay in it!

  11. Joe Mama Says:

    I could swear I’ve had one in the last year. I would almost say I’m certain of it.

    Subway is franchised, right? Could be that some are just so out of touch they don’t even get the notice it’s been discontinued.

    That was pretty much the only sandwich I liked from Subway. Everything else they totally jew you on meat.

    Crab, krab, fish paste, whatever… it was delicious. I’m now on a quest to find a Subway that still has it.

  12. It's Greaat!!! Says:

    I live in LOu. Ky. and there is only one location in the city that still has the seafood sandwich .All their sandwiches that I have tried are good but the seafood is hands down the best .It’s the only one I have gotten over the past 20 yrs about 99% of the time. If you like this sandwich here is how I always get it ,try it ,it’s great , the different flavor’s don’t overpower each other they compliment one another. Italian herb and cheese bread, pepper jack cheese,green pepper’s,banana pepper’s,a few tomatoes and halijapinos,black olive’s a little bit of olive oil and a lot of vinegar it’s “GRREAAT”, sorry Tony the Tiger flashback.
    They just in recent years have offered different bread choices and this fit’s the best for my taste ,but I know everyone’s is different!!! Sorry for the spelling error’s!!! P.S. the location is directly off the Watterson Xpressway take the Newburg road exit go through to the second light take a right at the second light go about 200 ft it’s in a little strip mall on your right.There are only about 4 restaurant’s
    s there you can’t miss the sign.Once you exit the expressway it’s less than 3/4 of a mile away,easy on easy off!!!

  13. It's Greaat!!! Says:

    P.S Sorry take the Newburg south exit !!!

  14. Frank Says:

    I’m having one every time I go to Plattsburgh,Ny. Its only available in the restaurant located on the Cornelia St, not at the Walmart. They also had 6 in pizza freshly cooked for the kids.

  15. Shay Says:

    I have loved this sandwich for years, from when I was a kid and got one off a subway cart at a trade show to now when i have to go to a specific store in my town to get it! I ALWAYS get my seafood sub made the same way, White bread, double seafood, American cheese, and extra black olives! It is so simple but absolutely delicious and I definitely would not go to subway nearly as much if it was not available!

  16. jp Says:

    It’s defiantly made with fake crab meat. Go to your grocery store and get a package of fake crab meat youll see its the same. Anyway I grew up on this sandwich its my favorite they have every time I order it when friends are around they think Im nuts till they take a bite. I get it on white with lettuce tomato mustard mayo salt n pepper american cheese its a 10/10 for me Im also a chef its hard to please me but im never disappointed with it.

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  18. I was devastated when they quit carrying the seafood sandwich =( it’s been the only thing I’ll order from Subway for years upon years! They actually told me they didn’t sell enough of them to keep carrying it and my first thought was BULLSH** cause I buy one all the time especially since I’ve been pregnant (September 2011), it’s been my number 1 craving! Now I get to suffer through the rest of my pregnancy without and I stil have 4 weeks left. Subway sucks ass now!

  19. So sad that it’s gone.. I hope they bring it back and y’all are crazy.. get Italian Herb & Cheese bread, lettuce, avocado, honey mustard, spinach, and provolone!

    • KT Says:

      Just moved to Las Vegas from wisconsin. Haven’t found it out here which I find odd, because every subway restaurant around the southern Wisconsin area had it. People look at me like I’m an idiot out here. That was my favorite sandwich, I’m still looking and hoping a subway out here has it.

      • hayn Says:

        We in the same boat up shit creek without a paddle.. you find one that has it here in vegas please let me know! Aloha

  20. Carrie Roberts Says:

    Mauston, Wisconsin has it!! Located 20 miles from Wisconsin Dells! Yummo! Just wheat bread, seafood salad, lettuce and pickles!!

  21. Alyssa Says:

    I have ran a Subway restaurant on the Lake Erie coast for the last 8 years and we have always carried the Subway Seafood Sensation. It is very popular in my area and when people visit from out of town, they are always excited to see it. Come on down to Sandusky, Ohio!!

  22. ptocheia Says:

    I love the seafood sensation sub! It’s hard to find, though. Definitely seems up to the franchise as to if they carry it or not. I’m lucky that there’s a Subway about a mile from where I live that has it, most of the other Subways that I’ve tried in my area (Denver) don’t carry it. I remember back when Subway did their $2 “Sub of the month” and would include the seafood sensation in that rotation, that was the best.

    • Justin Says:

      I live in Denver too and like a lot of people here… I love this sub. Honestly the #1 reason to go to Subway. I probably won’t eat there more than a couple times a year without it on the menu anywhere. I still haven’t found a location here in Denver that still carries it. Quiznos recently offered a similar seafood sub but it appeared only for a limited time unfortunately. I might just have to search for the recipe and start making my own if no one carries it!!

      • ptocheia Says:

        FYI, I finally found a place that carries it: the Subway at Broadway and 5th, just south of Downtown. And as far as I know, it’s the only location in town that has them!

  23. Hanalei Hamilton Says:

    I have had the subway seafood sub and it is amazing but its not real crab meat i would no because i live in hawaii and wen i came home to michigan to see family and friends i had eatin one and it was amazingly yummy in my tummy but i think i want to get a sub now but anyway but i love subway and the seafood sub that they produce subway is the best place to get a sub from because they are fresh, light. flavorfull, and have an amazinging taste with that and anyone who dislikes subway has an issue because i think it is the best place to eat and to the person who said he/she made his own seafood mix and then went to the store or should i say subway and got all of his/her bread and fillings like the veggies well done that is a very good idea and i would have never ever thought to do somethin of that nature

  24. Cindy Says:

    It’s been my favorite for about 20 years or so. Today, I ordered it at my local (Norcross, GA) Subway. They have it, but it’s not listed on the menu. The man in line in front of me actually asked what I ordered. (He is likely doing a search for ‘secret Subway menu items’ even as we speak). I like it with white American cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar and black pepper on wheat bread.

  25. ray Says:

    just had one on toasted flatbread with american cheese lettuce and tomatoe! gave half to the wife.yummy for your tummy.

  26. […] bin? Ever wonder how often it’s ordered and how it was made? A thoughtful food blog called Sandwichtalk did some investigating. Is there any actual seafood in that Seafood Sensation? Answers were hard to […]

  27. Foodguy Says:

    It’s imitation crabb which is made from the flavorless scallop.

  28. travos Says:

    I didn’t realize it was hard to find. The subways where I grew up (western IL) and the Subways where I live now (DC) mostly all carry this sub. My favorite. Toasted flatbread (toasted without anything on it) with cucumbers lettuce and onions. MMMMMMMMM

  29. hayn Says:

    best f’n sub subway HAD 2 offer.. where can I find in Las Vegas?? If you know please inform me.. last place I had one was in Hawaii.. but of coarse us hawaiians are lucky like that!

  30. hotmamma Says:

    They discontinued it where i live. Really wished they didn’t

  31. Daniel Klinglesmith Says:

    Hello, great review as always. The seafood sensation is only available in Louisville, ky for the Lenten season. They used to call it seafood and crab but can not do this any longer because they use an imitation crab meat (part of the imitation crab is king crab as most are) so anyone allergic to crab/shellfish should stay away and this also explains the name change. We do not eat subway often during the year, maybe once every 6 weeks but when they have this it is 3 times a week. My twitter is @photolouisville if you have any additional questions.

  32. afaigen Says:

    I have yet to be in a subway in my area that does not still have this sandwhich, it was called seafood and crab for a long time, and now it is called seafood sensation… hmmm wonder why (because if there is any real crab in the obvious imitation crabmeat, there’s not much) that being said I have always thought this was the best sandwich there, followed by some of the newer ones like the turkey avocado bacon.. anyways for those of you whose subways don’t sell this anymore, you could easily make it yourself, the imitation crabmeat is usually in a square package in any major grocery store, along with the rest of the ingredients that you could use on it.

    • afaigen Says:

      sorry.. forgot to mention that “my area” is the dc metro area. I have gone to almost all the subways in rockville and gaithersburg, md and northern virginia around reston and manassas

  33. […] its most noteworthy ingredient, and undoubtedly its most aggressively-promoted. Still, in the long history of Subway’s limited-time-only specials, the Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt is far from […]

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