Sandwiches in Review: Steak and Shake’s Guacamole Steakburger

March 22, 2010

The first review I ever posted on this site was one regarding two new Steak and Shake steakburgers, which were sort of regional specialties.  Well, it seems that in the interim Steak and Shake has released a number of these new burgers, and I have failed to keep up.  I apologize.  In an effort to rectify this mistake, I have a new Steak and Shake review, the Guacamole Steakburger.



 The Guacamole Steakburger doesn’t exactly seem to be in keeping with the whole “regional” theme, although it is somewhat mexican-themed.  It includes two patties, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pepper jack cheese, a spicy sauce (I think Chipotle, given its prominent buzzword status lately), and of course the guacamole.  The burger is pretty good.  The guacamole does taste fresh and flavorful, and there’s plenty of it on the sandwich.  The spicy sauce, which is so prominent in restaurant menus these days it’s become a cliché, is satisfyingly understated.  The pepper jack cheese didn’t add too much to the sandwich, but overall it was an interesting blend of flavors.

The Guacamole Steakburger is a nice addition to Steak and Shake’s sandwich repertoire.  It’s satisfying, and not as pricey as you might expect a sandwich with guacamole to be.  Steak and Shake also introduced a Chipotle Steakburger and a Cheddar Steakburger, I hope to review those in the near future.


One Response to “Sandwiches in Review: Steak and Shake’s Guacamole Steakburger”

  1. Cattlemans Says:

    looks gorgeous … gimme one NOW ! 🙂

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