Sandwiches in Review: Arby’s Steakhouse Sub

June 7, 2010

Another of Arby’s Market Fresh offerings, the Steakhouse Sub is a variation on their usual roast beef sandwich.  In addition to the roast beef, the sub includes swiss cheese, crispy onion straws and a cracked peppercorn sauce, all toasted on a ciabatta roll.  I’m not exactly sure what makes it a steakhouse sub, what with it being roast beef and all, but that’s beside the point.

Yeah, "Roast Beefhouse" does sound a bit off...

The sub is actually pretty good overall.  As always, Arby’s roast beef is delicious, and the onion straws are an interesting choice.  The cracked peppercorn sauce wasn’t as “zesty” as I expected, but I felt that actually worked to the sandwich’s advantage, as it complemented the cheese well.  My main complaint was that the roll was closer to burned than toasted, which kind of took away from the experience.  All in all, the Steakhouse Sub was a worthwhile buy, not quite as good as their Philly Beef, but worth trying while it’s available.


4 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Arby’s Steakhouse Sub”

  1. […] feature a huge, 7 oz. patty and a number of “Steakhouse” accoutrements (like the Arby’s Steakhouse Sub, these sandwiches don’t seem to understand that steak is a specific kind of meat, as opposed […]

  2. I really enjoyed this sandwich. The one I hate a perfectly toasted roll on it so it was grand.

  3. […] the three cheapest cheeses they could find.  The sauce and bacon are fine, but unlike the other subs, the roll isn’t toasted (or at least the one I had wasn’t, and I’m inclined to […]

  4. […] Swiss is that Arby’s has released basically the same sandwich before, as the Steakhouse Sub.  There are slight differences, including the titular mushrooms and the style of bun, but from […]

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