Sandwiches in Review: Jimmy John’s J.J.B.L.T.

July 29, 2010

A few weeks back, a number of Jimmy John’s locations hosted a customer appreciation day, in which their core lineup of subs were available for only $1 each.  It was a nice promotion, but it wasn’t hugely publicized, which is why you may not have been aware of it (or else your local Jimmy John’s didn’t participate).  Anyway, it was there that I tried the J.J.B.L.T., the subject of today’s review.

Can't really think of a clever caption, sorry.

The J.J.B.L.T. is a pretty basic sub, consisting of (you guessed it) bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a sub roll.  It’s a cold sandwich, so the bacon obviously isn’t the freshest, but overall the ingredients are pretty high quality and generously portioned, which was impressive considering that at the time they were cranking out subs nonstop.  I don’t know if I would’ve ordered it if it weren’t on sale (I usually upgrade to the Ultimate Porker), but as store-bought B.L.T.s go, it was pretty good.

P.S.  Jimmy John’s recently set up a blog to post JJ-related content.  It’s up and down, but it’s probably the best source for their contests and promotions.


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