Sandwiches in Review: The McRib

November 22, 2010

It’s that time of year again.  Time for McDonald’s to trot out the war-horse of the promotional fast food offers, the McRib.  The McRib is a “rib-style” sandwich (which means the meat isn’t rib meat at all) served infrequently at McDonald’s locations in various regions.  Much of the allure of the McRib comes from its erratic availability, with the sandwich taking on an almost mythic quality.  Never fear, I was able to track down the McRib and review it for you, dear readers.

Your old friend is back!! (Seriously. That's what it says on the box.)

The McRib is actually a processed pork patty shaped like a small section of ribs (sans the bones).  It’s slathered with barbeque sauce, and includes pickles and onions on a longer sub roll.  It’s not bad, as imitation rib sandwiches go.  There’s plenty of meat and BBQ sauce, although it is a bit messy.  The pickles and onions provide a nice counterpoint without complicating the flavor too much.  The bun is good too, it provides the proper shape for the sandwich (McDonald’s experimented with a McRib Jr. a few years ago on a hamburger bun, but it didn’t stick).  Overall, a good if unremarkable sandwich.

The McRib costs around $2.50 alone or $4.50 for a meal.  It’s not something I would get very often, because it’s a bit expensive for what you get, considering McDonald’s also has a prodigious dollar menu.  Still, it is an interesting cultural phenomenon, and having it once or twice per season isn’t going to wreck your wallet.  I’m told the current promotion ends on December 5th, so if fake rib sandwiches are your thing, head out to McDonald’s soon.


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  1. […] buffalo.  I opted for the BBQ option, which included pickles and onions.  It was  a lot like the McRib of McDonald’s fame, or any number of BBQ pork sandwiches.  The sandwich wasn’t bad, […]

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