Sandwiches in Review: Penn Station East Coast Subs

November 29, 2010

Penn Station is a restaurant franchise specializing in “East Coast” sub sandwiches, as well as fresh-cut french fries and fresh squeezed lemonade.  It features a number of sandwich options, including mainstays like the Philadelphia Cheesesteak, Reuben, and Italian subs.  I’m still unclear on what makes these sandwiches “East Coast” style, as opposed to any other style, but I digress.  For this review, I tried one of their signature subs, a personal favorite of mine, the Philadelphia Cheesesteak.

I was having trouble uploading the picture I took, so enjoy this low res marketing image!!

The cheesesteak was a pretty standard recipe, featuring steak, provolone, onions, mushrooms, and banana peppers.  Most of the toppings were optional with no extra cost, and spicy brown mustard, mayo, and pizza sauce were also available.  I had a 6″ sub, which was plenty of sandwich.  It was pretty good, as cheesesteaks go, and the inclusion of banana peppers gave it a kick not usually found elsewhere.  The cheesesteak was this month’s special, so it came with a heaping helping of fries and a drink.  The fries were deliciously salty, and tasted fresher than the usual fast food fare.

The meal was a little bit pricey.  It cost around $7 overall, which isn’t too bad until you consider that it was the special, and the a la carte cost for fries and a drink is a bit more.  However, I’d still recommend Penn Station wholeheartedly.  It’s a high quality sub shop with a number of interesting offerings (I’m hoping to head back for the vegetarian Artichoke Sub soon.)


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