Sandwiches in Review: Subway’s Big Hot Pastrami

January 11, 2011

Sandwich heavyweight Subway has recently launched their newest special, a pastrami sub.  For those of you who, like me, had no idea what exactly pastrami is, here’s a crash course.  Pastrami is a deli meat generally, but not always, made from beef.  It’s brined, seasoned, smoked and steamed, and ends up looking a bit like bacon and tasting a bit like corned beef (both good things).  It’s often served on rye, sometimes with coleslaw in a variant of a Reuben.  However, since Subway didn’t outfit their restaurants with coleslaw, Russian dressing, and rye bread, I decided to fill my Big Hot Pastrami out West Coast-style, with pickles and mustard.

Both Big and Hot!!

I loved this sandwich.  They heaped on the pastrami, which had a nice, distinct flavor and seemed to be pretty high-quality (although since this is my first pastrami experience, I have no idea if it tasted how it’s supposed to).  The pickles and mustard added some kick and offset the peppery taste of the meat nicely, and the provolone cheese I selected was subtle enough to let the rest of the sub work.  I wouldn’t recommend a stronger cheese like cheddar on this, keep it light.

The Big Hot Pastrami was a delicious sub and a nice change of pace from the usual “chicken breast with a new dressing” specials Subway usually puts out.  As a specialty sub, it’s going to cost a bit more, with a 6″ setting me back $5.  I’d still wholeheartedly recommend this sub, pick it up while you can.

EDIT: This post has gotten a number of comments, which of course I’m thrilled about.  I do want to make sure everyone reading understands that this is an independent review.  I am not affiliated with Subway.  This is not an online survey, nor do I have any information on an online survey for patrons who have enjoyed the Big Hot Pastrami.  I hope that clears up any confusion.


55 Responses to “Sandwiches in Review: Subway’s Big Hot Pastrami”

  1. sammich guy Says:

    I shall pick one up while ican omg…omg….

  2. Joyce Says:

    Omg i loved that pastrami sub i was hoping you guys would bring it back plz

  3. linda Says:

    love the pastrami sub

  4. went to my local subway tried the pastrami sub i liked it. I was given a card for a $5 gift card if I entered survey. Well I could not find ( on the internet. WHATS GOING ON ?

  5. Marilyn S. Welti Says:

    Where do you go to do the survey ???????????????

  6. Marilyn S. Welti Says:

    Where is the survey for the pastrami sandwich??????

  7. don watkins Says:

    very good sandwich

  8. don watkins Says:

    very good will order again

  9. Ellen Dolle Says:

    My favorite so far. I am so glad you keep bringing it back. Thank you.

  10. Carol Says:

    I have had pastrami before & this was still greart! Since no coleslaw, I went with lettuce onion & olives- still great.

  11. reggie williams Says:

    I like it the only thing is that it is a little fatty/to much grissel.

  12. arthur Says:

    i like the pastrami sandwiche i had

  13. B. Pervane Says:

    Very nice sandwich…

  14. Barbara Says:

    Fantastic taste, enjoyed it on flatbread too! Just the right amount of pickles,cheese, and asked more more mustard! This is a keeper.

  15. Debra Day Says:

    I truly enjoyed the pastrami melt. I am not a mustard and pickles person, so I had sweet peppers and black olives. Go Subway!!!

  16. Enjoyed this new taste however, too much/strong mustard for my taste buds. Will purchase again but, request less mustard. Nice change!

  17. I too was given a card to receive a $5.00 gift card when I purchased a Big Hot Pastrami Melt at my local Subway. The card stated 1. Store# 001758 2. ID: 9011543 3. Password: 722249. There was NO PLACE to submit this information. Ina Shreiner

    • Joe Says:

      I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I’m not affiliated with Subway, I’m just a guy who reviews sandwiches. I’d recommend contacting their customer service department from their website.

  18. Mike Zerechak Says:

    Great Sandwitch lots of meat and great cheese.

  19. Al Zimmerman Says:

    I tried it just to see if it’s any good and I was very surprised that it had such a great flavor….had it with pickle/swiss/reg mustard…. bought it 3 more times since……

  20. Anthony Maenzo Says:

    I loved the sandwich !!

  21. i had the sandwich when it cam out. i was very impressed , there was a lot meat. i will be bying this again

  22. thomas vistocci Says:

    sandwich was very good the restaurant was very cclean and the staff was friendly

  23. Don Walton Says:

    Tasted very good, would buy it again, place was clean and friendly

  24. T. Cris Moses Says:

    Even though it WAS pastrami – coming from Subway – IT FELT SO GOOD AND HEALTHY GOING DOWN! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

  25. J.Cardin

    January 25.’12

    I have purchased many times…always enjoyed it…but I too would like to know where is the survey??

  26. danny rivera Says:

    good mmm

  27. Jhon Says:

    Love the pastrami sub keep it all the time

  28. James A. Diggs Says:

    Just a good example of a hot pastrami

  29. Steven Wilson Says:

    I really loved the sandwich.

  30. Dottie Borg Says:

    I loved trying the new “Pastrami” melt. A couple of suggestions. Offer sauerkraut and swiss cheese.
    Love the fact that you are thinking out of the box and asking the customer’s what they want to see. Thanks

  31. DEZ Says:


  32. toni andrews Says:

    loved the sandwich but when I tried to redeem the $5 gift card I could not find the site

  33. CARL SMITH Says:

    got sick not long after eating, and was sick for 2 days, my wifes sandwich made her sick for 1 day.

  34. Don Watkins Says:

    Good, will buy again

  35. Don Watkins Says:

    Good will buy again

  36. wayne grisson Says:

    best sandwich ever

  37. Amanda Says:

    I have looked for it in Texas and can’t find it. Had it in Florida loved it

  38. rick sims Says:

    i guess you really have never had pastrami if you thought this was good…pastrami is made from beef brisket while the subway version is make from pork product…head to a local deli and get a real pastrami sandwich, then review the subway mess again…

  39. Donna DeWitt Says:

    Like everyone else …I was given a card when I purchased my bbq pulled pork sandwich…the card was for $5..but I too can not find the site to do the survey on. No such name or website on my laptop. so where do I go from here to do the survey…this really sucks !!!!!

  40. Sam Says:

    Love it

  41. Judi Mitchell Says:

    I make every Monday Subway day and get two footlongs from our favorite Subway on McDowell Blvd in Petaluma, CA.
    Every sandwich they make is made fantastically and they don’t skimp on your fillings! Subway Rocks!

  42. ray schlaff Says:

    a very fine value and excellant tasting! ray g.

  43. ray schlaff Says:

    excellent value and delicious tasting

  44. Michael Sharpley Says:

    Just had one last night, on parmasan bread. Good, but not mind-blowing. What Did blow my mind was when I went to pay for the 2 Foot-longs…”$19.00″ …HUH?! Damn…two people could eat at a buffet that that much. Does the Price vary in different locals? I’m in Eugene, OR. .

  45. Michael Sharpley Says:

    OH Yeah…BTW , Subway could Improve their bread…it’s weird…kinda like dry spongy-ness.

  46. candy zych Says:

    a must have again

  47. Kelly G. Says:

    Kelly G.
    This was the worst Pastrami sandwich that I have ever had. The Meat was of low quality, grainy and hard to chew. The flavor was missing. I will never get one again. I have had some good sandwiches from Subway before, but this was not one of them.

  48. Ricky T Says:

    This sandwich is not good at all. First, the cost $8.50 for a 12 inch sandwich. The meat is a very low quality. It has very little flavor. Absolutely no smokiness. Also, the meat was very fatty. There is nothing worse then eating a sandwich full of fatty meat.

  49. Tammy Says:

    For all those people who want to know where they do their Subway surveys, go to, go to the Contact section, there is a place there to do the survey. All the info you need will be on the receipt you get from your Subway.
    A Subway Asst. Manager

  50. Steve G. Says:

    Worst pastrami sandwich that I’ve ever had. I know that pastrami has some fat on it, but what I got on my sandwich was 50% meat and 50% stringy fat.

  51. Riley Says:

    They relaunched the Pastrami sub at Subway. Short review: it is terrible! If you like fatty raw bacon like meat (Chewy) then order otherwise find a good Deli.

  52. Marcy Says:

    I had the Pastrami Melt for lunch today. the Pastrami had so much fat and marbling in it that I could not eat it. It was terrible. This is the first sandwich from Subway that I have disliked.

  53. bree Says:

    Omw to subway n was so curious about the pastrami but given the price n reviews I’ll stick with turkey bacon avocado. Thx all for sharing

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