Sandwiches in Review: A couple Hot Pockets

March 12, 2011

Hot Pockets. You may have heard of them. A pastry-style crust wrapped around a usually meat and cheese based filling.  It’s designed to be heated up in the microwave in a cardboard sleeve to maximize crispness.  Is it a sandwich?  Strictly speaking, no.  But Hot Pockets make up a pretty large part of the frozen meal section of most grocery stores, and they’re sandwichlike enough for me to count them. 

First up is the Barbecue Beef Hot Pocket.  Before we go any farther, I’d like to direct your attention to this little detail of the packaging:

“Barbecue Sauce with Beef in a Crust.”  As though the beef was just an afterthought, when people complained a big BBQ sauce Pop-Tart was too runny.  Advertising missteps aside, the Barbecue Beef Hot Pocket is actually pretty good.  The beef isn’t the highest quality, but it’s a bit thicker than lunch meat so it has some texture to it.  The barbecue sauce itself is actually really good, sweet while still maintaining a bit of spice.  All in all, it tastes like a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, which isn’t bad at all.


The second Hot Pocket I tried was the Steak and Cheddar Panini.  You may remember it from the TV ads which reminded you that “you know it’s a Panini because of the marks on it!!”  (This is not how a Panini works.)  The Steak and Cheddar Panini isn’t too bad.  The crust is flakier and better tasting than the average Hot Pocket, and the shape of it is more similar to a sandwich.  The steak and cheese are fine, nothing too noteworthy but definitely worth eating.  The one issue with the Panini line is that they’re about twice as big as normal Hot Pockets, but you only get one per box, as opposed to the normal two.  That, combined with the triangular, sandwich-like shape, means that these Hot Pockets are designed as meals, rather than the quick, on-the-go option they’re known for.

Hot Pockets are a quick and easy sandwichesque option.  They’re pretty good, and they go for a couple of dollars at most grocery stores.  While they’re not nearly as high quality as most restaurant sandwiches, they’re perfect for the busy sandwich aficionado.


One Response to “Sandwiches in Review: A couple Hot Pockets”

  1. cM Says:

    As a connoisseur of barbecue, I am pretty much revolted at the idea of a barbecue beef hot pocket.

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