Sandwiches in Review: KFC’s Doublicious

May 6, 2011

Although it’s not really new anymore, KFC‘s most recent addition to their admittedly paltry sandwich lineup is the Doublicious, which strikes me as kind of a do-over of their infamous Double Down.  Even the name seems like a reference, especially because there isn’t much “double” about the sandwich (the website describes it as a mix of two flavors, sweet and savory, but that seems like a stretch to me).  It works out though, because unlike the Double Down, the Doublicious is edible.  It’s even delicious.

It is a stupid name though. Every time I type it it looks wrong, because it makes no sense.

A lot of what makes the Doublicious right has to do with what made the Double Down so wrong in the first place.  As I said in that review, the Double Down has way too much meat and cheese, and without carbs to balance it out, it feels really heavy.  The Doublicious wisely drops the novelty of the second chicken breast and some of the bacon and cheese, and sandwiches what’s left (chicken, a slice of cheese, two strips of bacon, and the sauce) between a Hawaiian sandwich bun. 

The bun really is what elevates this sandwich beyond the average.  It’s sweet without being sugary, and it adds to the flavor in an interesting, but not overpowering way.  I’m a fan of Hawaiian bread in general, and I think it would go great on a ham or pork sandwich as well (although obviously, this is outside of KFC’s purview).  This sandwich takes the positive elements of the Double Down and gets the ratios right, which is what it needed all along.

The Doublicious is one of the $5 meal options at KFC right now, which means you get a side and a drink with the sandwich.  I’d highly recommend picking one of them up, it’s probably my favorite thing on their menu right now.  KFC has a long way to go before they deserve forgiveness for the Double Down, but this is a step in the right direction.

And now, because I love you guys, here’s a picture of Ken Jeong of NBC’s Community eating the Doublicious.

"I tried to slow them down by talking about KFC's new Doublicious sandwich, but they accused me of doing product integration!!"


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  1. […] known for their thick, sweet Hawaiian rolls. KFC pulled a similar trick a few years ago with the Doublicious, which itself was (my theory) a way to salvage the good parts of the shock value-based Double Down. […]

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