Sandwiches in Review: Roadhouse’s Georgia Max Burger

May 9, 2011

Local hotspot University Roadhouse recently added a couple new entrees to their menu.  Among them was the Georgia Max Burger, a deluxe cheeseburger highly recommended to me by my roommate.  The Georgia Max is an interesting variant on the “Western BBQ” theme which was all the rage last summer.  Instead of simply adding a barbeque sauce, the burger is topped with barbeque pulled pork, as well as cheddar cheese, cajun mayo, and the obligatory crispy onion straws.

Our taste-blockers can't repel deliciousness of that magnitude!!

 As complicated as it sounds, the Georgia Max actually came together pretty well.  I’m a fan of pulled pork in general, and the combination of pork and ground beef wasn’t nearly as jarring as it could’ve been.  The pork was slightly crispy on the edges but still soft throughout, and the cajun mayo added a nice counterbalance to the prominent barbecue flavor.  The texture of the burger was a bit odd, given the combination of soft and crispy elements, but not to the point where it took away from the experience.  Also, as you can tell from the picture, it’s huge, so be sure to order it on an empty stomach.

The Georgia Max costs around $8 as part of a meal, an goes well with either regular or sweet potato fries.  I’d definitely recommend it next time you’re feeling pretty hungry.  It’s a nice twist on what’s now become a stock concept.

P.S.  I also want to thank my grandparents, who surprised me by stopping in town and taking me out for dinner so I could try it.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!


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