Sandwiches in Review: Steak n Shake’s Portobello and Swiss Steakburger

July 12, 2011

Steak n Shake has long been a favorite of mine, and one of my earliest posts was a review of a couple of their Steakburgers.  I like to check in every couple of months to see what new sandwiches they’re offering.  One of the newest additions is the Portobello and Swiss Steakburger.  Ostensibly it’s part of the “burgers from different regions” theme they’ve been working with, like the new California Double, although I don’t know what region the mushroom and Swiss combination originated in.

The burger is actually pretty good.  Mushrooms and Swiss cheese is not a novel concept by any means, but it’s still executed well here. The Portobello mushrooms are a bit fresher than I’m used to, which was a pleasant suprise.  The steak patties are tasty, and the addition of carmelized onions and garlic mayo really round out the burger.  While it’s not quite on the level of the Western BBQ, the Portobello and Swiss is a flavorful, enjoyable burger.

Like most Steakburgers, the Portobello and Swiss runs for around $5 as a combo.  I hope to stop by Steak n Shake soon for their take on the Royale (a burger with a fried egg on it), but if you’re in the mood for the old mushroom and Swiss combination, it’s worth checking out.


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