Sandwiches in Review: McDonald’s Ranch BLT

July 18, 2011

Chicken is king these days in the world of fast food, and McDonald’s is no exception.  Like most restaurants, they’ve been pushing their all-white meat, premium chicken breast patties and tenders.  (Note: this doesn’t mean there’s been a quality increase across the board; regular McChickens and McNuggets are the same processed meat product.)  Among McDonald’s Premium Chicken sandwiches is the Ranch BLT, which I’ve opted to review.

"Although if you WANT something less, our dollar menu has you covered."

The Ranch BLT is a pretty standard recipe.  Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing on a bun.  The higher-quality chicken really makes the difference here though, and it’s refreshing to actually get some texture in a chicken sandwich.  (Again, not that I mind the patties used in McChickens, but a little variety and quality is always nice.)  The bacon seems a bit thicker than on regular sandwiches, but that might be my imagination.  The BLT also includes actual leaf lettuce, which is so much better than the shredded lettuce a lot of fast food features.  (I’d be willing to pay extra for leaf lettuce most of the time, in case any franchises are reading this.)  All in all, a satisfying chicken sandwich.

The higher quality does come at a price, however.  A Premium Chicken combo runs for over $5, which is a bit pricey for McDonald’s.  While you can basically see where your extra dollars are going, it’s a bit hard to justify which other chicken sandwiches are several dollars cheaper (including the underrated, fantastic Southern Style Crispy Chicken, which I just discovered I haven’t reviewed- yet).  Still, if you’re looking for quality craftsmanship at a McDonald’s (of all places), the Ranch BLT is a good bet.


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