Sandwich Contest: The People’s Burger

August 26, 2011

Red Robin is running a really cool contest over on a new website, The People’s Burger.  It’s a variation on the sandwich creator program offered on Burger King’s website, albeit with Red Robin signature ingredients.  The key difference, and the part that makes this so cool, is that after creating your burger, you name and post it for people to vote on.  The winner, selected through a combination of votes and a professional judges’ panel, will receive an iPad, a party where their burger will be served, and free Red Robin for a year.  Emphasis is placed on creativity and use of name and description to explain the concept of the burger.


I for one am super excited about this contest.  The sheer number of options is great, as well as the naming and description sections.  I’ve thrown my hat into the ring with the “A Cut Above” Burger, which I encourage everyone to vote for.  At the same time, you guys should all check out the site, and if you make your own, be sure to post the link in the comments section.  If a great new burger is born from this contest, we all win.

But just so you know, mine would taste REALLY good.

EDIT: Some details on the site:

  • You don’t need to register or enter any personal info to vote, so don’t worry about that.
  • You can vote once a day per IP address for as many different burgers as you please, but you can’t vote for any specific burger more than once per day.
  • That Ron Swanson burger in the lead is hilarious.  I am totally cool with that winning.

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