Adventures in Sandwich Making: The Aussie Burger

September 27, 2011

This is a series I’ve been thinking about starting for a while now, and I recently had the perfect opportunity for a first post.  You see, in addition to being a scholar of sandwiches, I’m also an amateur chef.  I don’t have any formal culinary training or experience, outside of a brief stint working in a college cafeteria, but I love to cook and try new recipes.  Adventures in Sandwich Making will spotlight recipes I’ve made, and my experiences and recommendations on them.

This is the picture from the website, not the one we made.

Our first topic is the Aussie Burger, a recipe I found on  It’s a deluxe, steakhouse-style burger with grilled pineapple, white cheddar cheese, and a fried egg, in addition to a host of veggies.  It looked interesting, so a friend and I went out to pick up the ingredients.  We had to make a couple of substitutions.  It turns out our local grocery store doesn’t stock pickled beets, so we had to omit them entirely.  We also substituted chili powder for chili flakes and a sharp yellow cheddar for aged white cheddar.  All in all though, we managed to stay in keeping with the spirit of the recipe.  We also lack a charcoal grill, so we used a small George Foreman instead, which worked just as well.

TA DA!!!

Our burgers were as delicious to eat as they were to look at.  The egg and pineapple added an interesting twist to what would’ve otherwise been a fairly standard, though high-quality burger.  Mixing chopped garlic into the patties was a nice touch, and one we’ll probably incorporate frequently into our regular routine.  I think we may have missed out regarding the pickled beet, but the flavor dynamics from our variation of the recipe were wonderful nonetheless.  Our biggest mistake was the size our our buns, since the burgers began to fall apart a bit.

We chose this burger in part because we had some of the main ingredients, so our costs were a little less than they would’ve been starting from scratch.  I’d estimate a grocery bill of around $20-25 for everything, which isn’t too bad, considering that you could make 4-6 burgers.  I’d recommend the Aussie Burger for impressing family and friends, because it looks as good as it tastes.

As this series is just starting out, I’m open to any suggestions for recipes you guys can offer.  Post links or write-ups of favorite recipes in the comments sections, and hopefully I’ll have another one up soon!!


One Response to “Adventures in Sandwich Making: The Aussie Burger”

  1. Oh my lord, that looks incredible. Both yours and theirs… I want a MASSIVE burger now.

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