Sandwiches in Review: The Carolina BBQ Whopper

September 24, 2012

I actually hadn’t been to Burger King since they were overtaken by Wendy’s as the number two fast food chain. Since then, they’ve put a lot of effort into redefining their image. The King is gone, and their focuses on their unique sandwiches and drinks to set them apart from the competition. While they’ve introduced a line of cafe style beverages and chicken bites like McDonald’s, I’m eternally grateful that they still seem to be dedicated to burgers, unlike their golden-arched competition.

Even the fonts they’re using are more clean-cut.

I just wish I had better things to say about the Carolina BBQ Whopper. The Carolina BBQ tops a 1/4 patty with pepper jack cheese, bacon, onion, lettuce and tomato, and finishes it all off with a sweet southern BBQ sauce. All the elements are fine, if unremarkable. I don’t claim to be an expert on BBQ so I can’t tell you how authentic the sauce is, but it’s nice that they’re acknowledging the different styles and heats of various sauces. The problem is that there’s way too much lettuce and bun in this sandwich. I understand that BK generally doesn’t double up on Whopper patties, but the lack of meat in the sandwich really hurt it in my eyes. I don’t know if I can recommend it in good conscience.

One thing I can recommend are the sweet potato fries. I know it’s outside of the blog’s purview, but I wanted to say something nice, and these fries are great. They’re a bit on the salty side, but they’re made from real sweet potatoes, and you can taste the difference. I was skeptical of them initially but they’re totally worth checking out. So in closing, skip the Carolina BBQ, but don’t write Burger King off entirely. I admire the way they’re not trying to change over into a weird coffee shop thing the way McDonald’s is. BK just released a new line of chicken sandwiches, and I hope to review them soon. Stay tuned!


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