I’ve only reviewed Applebee’s once before, since I’m mainly there for half-off appetizers and drink specials. They do have a pretty varied menu though, with a couple of interesting sandwich and burger options. One thing I don’t understand is why they call their tortilla-based sandwiches “rollups.” We already have a word for that, guys. It’s called “wraps.” Try it, it makes you sound like you’re not in second grade.

Yellow Peril: The Sandwich.

Anyway, I decided to try the Oriental Chicken Rollup, and while “oriental” isn’t helping Applebee’s word choice decisions any, it was pretty good. The rollup includes fried chicken, “Asian greens,” which are a kind of a slaw that includes a lot of red cabbage and carrots, and almonds, with a light Teriyaki sauce. It has a full flavor and nice texture without any one element being overpowering. I’m a big fan of Asian fusion wraps and sandwiches, and this is a pretty good one. It’s also big enough to be filling, and I actually brought half of it home (a rare admission of defeat for me, but I had eaten earlier).

The Oriental Chicken Rollup is a little over $8 with fries. It’s definitely a good meal, although generally if you’re going to Applebee’s you should splurge for steak or something else big. However, if you want a nice chicken wrap with a somewhat unfortunate name, this is the rollup for you.