Some sites I enjoy or find helpful in one way or another.  These aren’t necessarily related to sandwiches, I’m a man of many interests.  A Renaissance man, if you will.

Gentlemen, Behold!!  My other blog, dedicated to TV, movies, cartoons, and pop culture in general.   A wiki devoted to Transformers toys and accompanying media.   A blog cataloging free papercraft models as they’re released.  Another papercraft blog and model site, this one focuses on the Cubee format.  Lets you know how many people are in space at the moment.  In case you were curious if it was Saturday or not.  A burger resource with recipes, pictures, and an awesome voiceover.  Another excellent sandwich recipe list. More sandwich recipes.  A local restaurant news and review blog.

Here are a couple news organizations I contribute to as well, check them out!!!

The Western Herald

Her Campus WMU

West Michigan NOISE!

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