On the heels of their last travesty, the grilled cheese burger thing, Friendly’s has released their latest creation, the Mac and Cheese Quesadilla.

You know, people really need to stop making jokes about this stuff, it's only giving them ideas.

The quesadilla is a kids menu entrée option, and can be served as shown or with that addition of bacon or a hot dog.  Now, I’m all for interesting combinations.  I’ve had a number of quesadillas with unconventional ingredients, including stuff like barbeque pulled pork and steak sauce, but this is just kind of gross.  In the same way the Double Down had too few carbs, this looks to have far too many.  Even with the addition of the pickles, ketchup, or optional meat (mexican classics all), I can’t imagine it being a very satisfying meal.  If there’s a Friendly’s in your area, feel free to try it, but at your own risk.

Seemingly in an effort to top KFC’s recent abomination the Double Down, family restaurant chain Friendly’s has introduced the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, a large hamburger served between two piping hot grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Apologies for the small picture, but you get the idea.

"What they did to me was monstrous." "And so they created a monster?"

 In addition to the burger, the sandwich includes lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  I honestly cannot imagine how this could be any good.  I have nothing against the use of toast in a sandwich or burger, but using an entire sandwich as a bun is far too much.  The entire affair looks so unbalanced and unappetizing.  Unfortunately, there are no Friendly’s in Michigan, but I promise if I somehow end up at one, I’ll try this sandwich, so you don’t have to.  Meanwhile, let’s muse for a moment on what the next entry in this race to the bottom will be.  A burger with slices of pepperoni pizza for buns?  A sandwich using miniature chicken pot pies in place of bread?  The possibilities truly are endless.