Good news, everyone!!  I’m launching my new blog, Gentlemen, Behold!! today!  A few quick Q & As:

Why “Gentlemen, Behold!!”?

It’s actually a reference to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which I took and ran with.

What are does Gentlemen, Behold!! cover?

GB! will discuss TV series, movies, books, comics, and any other arts and entertainment topics which come up.  A lot of them have a decidedly “geek” bent, but all kinds of things will be covered.

What does this mean for Sandwichtalk?

Not much.  Sandwichtalk will continue to update as regularly as my schedule and wallet allow, and I don’t foresee any conflict between my blogs.  I do plan on updating GB! roughly three times a week, with a weekly column or two, but that won’t take away from Sandwichtalk.

What’s the website for Gentlemen, Behold!!?

So glad you asked!!  It’s  You can also get there from the links page here on Sandwichtalk.  There’s a couple posts up already, and there’s more to come this week!!