The Great Steak and Potato Company is a small franchise generally found in food courts and malls.  As their name suggests, they specialize in cheesesteaks and various types of potatoes (usually french fried), although they do serve a couple other options.  As a cheesesteak aficionado, I’m surprised I hadn’t thought to give them a try earlier.

The Kansas City, in all its glory!!!

I decided to try the Kansas City Cheesesteak, a variation on the usual theme presumably developed in Kansas City.  It consisted of sliced steak, barbeque sauce, fried onions, and some kind of white cheese, possibly Monterey Jack (Great Steak & Potato Co. prides themselves on using Cheez Whiz, the way they do in Philadelphia, but I think they wanted to mix it up a bit for his sandwich).  It was absolutely delicious.  A lot of the quality was due to the fact that they fried it up in front of you, so it was unquestionably fresh.  The steak and onions were of the highest quality, and the barbeque sauce was somewhat sweet, reminiscent of a Sloppy Joe.  Overall, it was a high quality cheesesteak, both delicious and filling.

The meal. Well, most of it, I had eaten half the sandwich before I remembered to take the pictures.

The meal came with French Fries (which had also been freshly prepared) and a fountain drink, all for about $6.  It was a great meal at a great deal, and I hope to head back there soon to try another of their sandwiches.