Sorry for the brief hiatus, I was on vacation.  However, on my vacation I stopped by Halo Burger, a Michigan fast food chain selling burgers, fries, and the usual fast food fare, as well as more specialized offerings like chili cheese fries.  It has a number of locations, mostly in the Flint area.  The one I visited was their Birch Run location, for anyone who’s curious.

The Q.P., with fries and a drink.

The Q.P., Halo Burger’s signature quarter pound burger, comes with a ton of toppings, including lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, but the most distinctive element is the inclusion of green olives.  The olives add an interesting, slightly bitter taste to the burger not found elsewhere.  The patty itself was also large and high-quality.  All the ingredients were fresh and generously portioned.  Definitely a worthwhile burger, featuring old standbys mixed with an interesting new ingredient.

Most of Halo Burger’s combos run for around $5, which is a pretty good deal given the high quality.  I’d definitely recommend Halo Burger to anyone who happens to be passing through Michigan.