A few weeks back, a number of Jimmy John’s locations hosted a customer appreciation day, in which their core lineup of subs were available for only $1 each.  It was a nice promotion, but it wasn’t hugely publicized, which is why you may not have been aware of it (or else your local Jimmy John’s didn’t participate).  Anyway, it was there that I tried the J.J.B.L.T., the subject of today’s review.

Can't really think of a clever caption, sorry.

The J.J.B.L.T. is a pretty basic sub, consisting of (you guessed it) bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a sub roll.  It’s a cold sandwich, so the bacon obviously isn’t the freshest, but overall the ingredients are pretty high quality and generously portioned, which was impressive considering that at the time they were cranking out subs nonstop.  I don’t know if I would’ve ordered it if it weren’t on sale (I usually upgrade to the Ultimate Porker), but as store-bought B.L.T.s go, it was pretty good.

P.S.  Jimmy John’s recently set up a blog to post JJ-related content.  It’s up and down, but it’s probably the best source for their contests and promotions.

The title about sums it up.  To commemorate the opening of their 1000th location, Jimmy John’s is holding a contest giving away a gift card worth 1000 subs.  Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Visit www.facebook.com/jimmyjohns and become a fan.
  2. Enter your name, email, and phone number by April 30th to be entered in the drawing.
  3. ?????

The prize is actually a $5,000 Jimmy John’s gift card, worth about 1,000 subs.  Ten runners-up will receive a check for $200.  The contest is only open to residents of the Continental U.S.  I’ve already entered, and I would recommend you all do the same thing.

Although chips, cookies, etc. are not addressed in the contest, I'm pretty sure 5K buys you plenty of those too.

P.S.  If anyone hears of any other sandwich contests/giveaways, be sure to let me know.  I don’t have a vested interest in promoting Jimmy John’s or anything, it’s just a cool contest I heard about today.

I’ve discussed one of Jimmy John’s subs before, and I figured it was time to try another one of the sandwich franchise’s offerings.  Jimmy John’s offers a number of cold cut subs on fresh-baked bread, with entries varying from the usual ham and cheeses and italians to more creative options, like the Beach Club.


 The Beach Club is a turkey and provolone sandwich, which also includes avocado spread, sliced cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  With that many ingredients, the sub could become cluttered.  However, Jimmy John’s managed to pull it off with flying colors.  The turkey and provolone were fine, but the really stars of this club were the cucumber and avocado spread.  The cucumber provided a cool flavor and pleasant crunch, while the avocado made for an interesting contrast.  The inclusion of lettuce, tomatoes and mayo helped to fill out the sub and keep it grounded.  The only element I was not impressed with was the sprouts, which are a bit messy and not noticeably flavorful.  The bread, of course, was delicious, but for Jimmy John’s that really goes without saying.

The Beach Club is a Gourmet Sub, which means it runs for a bit more than some of Jimmy John’s other sandwiches, usually around $5.50.  It is without question worth the cost, given the unique flavors and ingredients.  The Jimmy John’s Beach Club gets two thumbs up.

Time for another review!!  The initial reviews/previews on this blog have been somewhat burger-oriented, so I’ll change it up with a sandwich from Jimmy John’s.  Jimmy John’s is a chain of sandwich shops specializing in sub sandwiches on fresh-baked bread.  They offer a couple dozen different sandwiches, which generally sell for about $5.  I enjoy many of their offerings, but for this review I decided on the Ultimate Porker (sandwich #17, $5.25).

It may be many things, but I doubt "kosher" is one of them...

It may be many things, but I doubt "kosher" is one of them...

The Porker consists of ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, on Jimmy John’s signature bread.  It’s not the most complicated or inventive sandwich on earth, or even on the menu for that matter (#13, the Beach Club, includes items like sliced cucumber, avocado spread, and alfalfa sprouts), but it’s a study, reliable combination.  The meat is high quality, the veggies were comparatively fresh, and the mayo wasn’t overpowering, a common problem with sandwiches that use it.  Overall, it was a tasty, filling sandwich.  My only problem with it is the problem I have with Jimmy John’s sandwiches in general: they are served cold, rather than toasted.  While they taste fine, the fact that they are served cold, combined with the often simple ingredients, sometimes makes it hard to justify spending the money on a sandwich that could be made at home with relative ease.  However, the bread goes a long way towards making it worth your while, and the chain can’t really be faulted for picking a niche and sticking to it. 

As always, feel free to comment with questions, comments, suggestions, and pretty much anything else.