I’m thinking about branching out a bit in my reviews, and I wanna know what you, my faithful readers, would be interested in reading about.  Here’s the options:

Breakfast.  In addition to breakfast options at places like McDonald’s, Subway, or Burger King, I could also hit coffee shops like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

Mexican.  Mexican-themed franchises, like Chipotle or Qdoba (and yes, Taco Bell).  I would be reviewing tacos, burritos, and other sandwich-like meals (so, no nachos or anything).

Local Fare.  Local (Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and other places I visit) restaurants and specialties.  Ideas include Blimpy Burger and Zingerman’s, and I’d obviously be open to suggestions.

These reviews would be interspersed between the usual posts regarding burgers, subs, news and what have you.  Please vote in the poll, and leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comment section.  Thanks!!!

I realized I do a lot of talking about sandwiches on here, but I don’t really know what kinds of sandwiches you all care about.  I’m posting a poll here to correct this issue.  If you guys could take the poll, that would be great.  Fell free to elaborate, make requests, or just give general feedback in the comments section.  Thanks!!

—The Management

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I figure more voices should be heard.  How does everyone feel about mini/microburgers?  This seems to be a new trend in the fast food market (in addition to this summer’s fascination with barbecue sauce).  They’re being marketed a number of different ways, but the basic conceit is a meal which consists of three or four smaller burgers with fries and a drink, retailing around the same price as the usual burger/fries combo.  Often you can also order more burgers a la carte.  I’m split on this issue.  I am pretty strongly against variations like the BK Burger Shots at Burger King, where you receive six small, identical burgers with fries.  It runs cheaper than the usual BK burgers, but I personally would never choose six bland little burgers over some of their more inspired burgers, like the Mushroom and Swiss.  A better use of the theme occurs at Steak n Shake, where you order three sliders from a list of six, all of which feature their own sauces.  I like the idea of variety there.  However, I still prefer the idea of ordering one big specialty burger.  You may be trying more things and taking less of a risk trying many small burgers, but in my opinion the payoff is still smaller.  This concept was also tried a while back over at Quizno’s with their Sammies, miniature versions of a couple of their signature subs.  I see these little sandwiches as being potentially useful as samples, but never really satisfying. 

Of course, I have to note the great exception to my general rule, White Castle.  A true triumph of the American spirit, White Castle has made of business model out of the mantra “Quantity over Quality”.  Their sandwiches are all tiny, and generally served in meals of three or four.  I love White Castle primarily because of the variety and small size of their sandwiches.  I doubt they would be any good on the scale of an average burger.

But enough of my ramblings!!  Now to put the choice to you!!  As always, you can comment if you feel like justifying your opinion.

On Hot Dogs

June 18, 2009

This question arose from a discussion with a friend today, and it’s sort of a follow-up to the definition post.  Should hot dogs be considered sandwiches for the purposes of this blog?  I was arguing that hot dogs fulfill most of the conventions established for sandwiches, they have bread, meat and variable other contents.  The bun isn’t completely separated, but it is distinctly in two halves.  I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks.  Please vote, and feel free to post your opinion and arguments supporting it in the comments section, so we can put this thing to bed.