Red Robin can be a little pricey, but they deliver tasty burgers and sandwiches with neat concepts behind them on a fairly regular basis. It’s usually more a question of if I can budget going to Red Robin than if I’m interested. But I had a birthday recently and wanted to celebrate a little, so I headed out to Red Robin and tried their new Onion Onion Burger. I’ve got my thoughts below, but really, it all comes down to your answer to one question:

How much do you like onions?

DC Comics has recently tried to apply the name "Red Robin" to a couple Batman-related superheroes. In the same vein, I'm proud to announce my new vigilante, T.G.I.Friday, the End of the Weak!!

DC Comics has recently tried to apply the name “Red Robin” to a couple Batman-related superheroes. In the same vein, I’m proud to announce my new vigilante, T.G.I.Friday, the End of the Weak!!

There are a LOT of onions on this burger. There are sauteed onions by the boatload. There are crispy fried onion straws mixed in. There’s also a garlic Parmesan spread, but that’s the only non onion-based topping. It even comes on an onion bun. I liked this burger quite a bit. I think the combination of onions and steak is a great one, and I’m always a fan of an interesting bun deployed well. But even as a moderate onion fan, it was a little bit much for me. It’s not the kind of burger you should order every day.

The Onion Onion Burger is actually a little less expensive than most Red Robin burgers at $7.99, probably owing to the relative simplicity and availability of the ingredients. Do not order this burger on a date. Do not order this burger on a business luncheon. Don’t order this burger any time you have to talk to anyone for a prolonged period of time during of after eating it. But if you’re an onion fan like me, and you want to celebrate your love of the onion, then by all means, order this burger.

Red Robin is running a really cool contest over on a new website, The People’s Burger.  It’s a variation on the sandwich creator program offered on Burger King’s website, albeit with Red Robin signature ingredients.  The key difference, and the part that makes this so cool, is that after creating your burger, you name and post it for people to vote on.  The winner, selected through a combination of votes and a professional judges’ panel, will receive an iPad, a party where their burger will be served, and free Red Robin for a year.  Emphasis is placed on creativity and use of name and description to explain the concept of the burger.


I for one am super excited about this contest.  The sheer number of options is great, as well as the naming and description sections.  I’ve thrown my hat into the ring with the “A Cut Above” Burger, which I encourage everyone to vote for.  At the same time, you guys should all check out the site, and if you make your own, be sure to post the link in the comments section.  If a great new burger is born from this contest, we all win.

But just so you know, mine would taste REALLY good.

EDIT: Some details on the site:

  • You don’t need to register or enter any personal info to vote, so don’t worry about that.
  • You can vote once a day per IP address for as many different burgers as you please, but you can’t vote for any specific burger more than once per day.
  • That Ron Swanson burger in the lead is hilarious.  I am totally cool with that winning.

Last week was my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner out. We went to burger restaurant/bar Red Robin, where I got my meal for free. If you know anything about Red Robin, you know that’s a really good deal, but more on that later. I selected the Bleu Ribbon Burger, one of their Gourmet Burgers.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

The Bleu Ribbon Burger consists of a patty marinated in steak sauce topped with crumbled Bleu cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onions, and Chipotle mayo. It is, in a word, exquisite. The steak sauce isn’t quite as strong as I expected, and works more nicely with the bleu cheese than a strong sauce would’ve. Crispy onion straws have become a bit played out in the past couple of years, but they really worked well here, and it’s nice having them without their usual partner in crime, barbeque sauce. All of the ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the burger was enormous, as Red Robin burgers are wont to be. Like all their burgers, the Bleu Ribbon comes with bottomless steak fries, which is a nice side, although I can’t imagine eating more than about an order and a half.

The other nice thing about this burger is that it was free. Red Robin is somewhat sticklerish about their birthday club, and you’re supposed to be a member of the email club, print off a coupon, and bring it in, in addition to presenting photo ID with your birthdate. However, when you’re giving away ten-dollar burgers for free, I guess you have to protect your investment. I’d definitely recommend this burger on your birthday, and furthermore I’d even recommend it at full price. It was that good.

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Red Robin is a higher-end restaurant/bar chain, known for their gourmet burgers and endless fries.  It’s a popular birthday dinner spot, as evidenced by at least three birthday song renditions the last time I was there.  While Red Robin always has a number of interesting limited-time offers, I decided to review one of their standard menu options, the Guacamole Bacon Burger.

Not pictured: a TON of steak fries.

The Guacamole Bacon Burger is an interesting if increasingly common recipe, consisting of guacamole, bacon, swiss cheese, and the standard veggies.  One thing worth mentioning is that this burger, like most of them at Red Robin, is huge.  The sheer amount of food this sandwich provides is a plus on its own.  While it may not be the most inventive burger, it’s very well executed, with several strips of bacon and plenty of guacamole.  As I mentioned, it also comes with endless steak fries.  However, the burger itself is quite filling, so it’s a bit unnecessary.  Overall, a worthwhile meal.

The one downside of Red Robin is that it’s a bit on the costly side.  A burger with fries and a drink will almost invariably be upwards of ten dollars.  I’d still recommend the restaurant in general and the Guacamole Bacon Burger specifically, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Plus, this is their mascot. You can't go wrong with a guy in a bird costume.