Happy New Year!!  Squares Restaurant is a recently opened, upscale salad and sandwich-type restaurant on Liberty St. in Downtown Ann Arbor.  I noticed it a couple of days ago and then got a coupon for it, so I decided to check it out.  Squares offers a couple of flatbread wraps featuring gyro meat, chicken, veggies, and other options.  I decided to go with the Chicken Square.

I didn't get a picture of the sandwich, but here's a picture of the location. Cozy!

The Chicken Square consisted of chicken, lettuce, tomato and “Square sauce” on a flatbread.  The chicken was high-quality, nicely prepared and thoroughly delicious.  The lettuce and tomatoes were fine, and the sauce was good, although hard to describe (it had paprika, and was kind of like tzatiki sauce but not, if that makes any sense.)  A great wrap, all in all, and it would’ve worked with any of the other meats they have available too.

The downside was the price.  With my (one day only) coupon, my Square was $2, an unquestionably good deal.  However, the average sandwich usually runs for about $6, and that’s not including any side dishes or drinks.  A satisfying lunch would probably cost you around $10.  It’s not that I don’t recommend Squares; I do.  It’s just not a place to stop by when you’re out shopping or something.  I’d recommend it as a destination lunch once in a while, especially if they’re having a deal.