The Pita Pit is a chain which serves, you guessed it, pitas. (The Wikipedia entry for it refers to it as a “quick service franchise”, which I think is the best euphemism for fast food I’ve heard in a while.) It works similarly to Subway, in that you buy the pita based on the meats, and then add cheeses, veggies, sauces, etc.  I have some of the same kind of issues with Pita Pit that I do with Subway, namely that you kind of have to have a vision when you walk in, but luckily I had a pretty good plan for their Chicken Souvlaki.

This is Pita Pete, The Pita Pit's mascot. I doubt he's a Chicken Souvlaki pita but hey, who knows?

The core of the Chicken Souvlaki is, unsurprisingly, the chicken.  It’s seasoned and grilled, and it tastes fantastic.  To round out the pita while keeping the Greek theme, I added spinach, onions, feta cheese, and some tzatziki sauce.  It was great.  I had thought about adding cucumbers as well, which I don’t think would’ve hurt, but it was already getting pretty crowded.  I’d definitely recommend my variation of this sandwich.  Pita Pit also has a plethora of veggies and sauces.  Their cheese section is still a little lacking, but I like the inclusion of feta and parmesan to differentiate from Subway. 

The one downside of Pita Pit is the price.  It’s a little bit expensive, running around $5 and up for most of the pitas alone.  The do have a number of great options, but it’s not a place I visit every day.  Still, it’s worth checking out every now and then, if for nothing else besides the Chicken Souvlaki.  Which is also just a fun word to say.  Souvlaki.